Hennepin County Rental Assistance

Help for renters during COVID-19

Written By Josh Dye (Administrator)

Updated at June 3rd, 2020

Hennepin County residents who have been financially harmed by COVID-19 may qualify for emergency assistance to help with rent and other housing costs. 


You may qualify for emergency rental assistance if you:

  • Rent your housing anywhere in Hennepin County
  • Had household income below 50% of the area median income (about $46,550 for a household of three) before COVID-19
  • Lost income due to COVID-19 that has not been replaced by unemployment insurance or other emergency assistance
  • Can't afford your housing costs this month
  • Are not currently receiving Section 8 or other rental assistance 

There is no deadline to apply. Priority will be given to households with the lowest incomes and those not eligible for Unemployment Insurance. Households with enough income to pay housing costs are not eligible.

How to Apply

To start your application, complete this online form.

If you need help applying, call 612-302-3160

Households that appear eligible will be contacted by a provider to complete the application process, including collecting verification information. Do not submit multiple applications.

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