Additional Program to Support Landlords and Renters

Written By Penny C (Administrator)

Updated at March 18th, 2021

Landlords can now select if they'd like their listing to be a part of Beyond Backgrounds. Beyond Backgrounds is a program that provides support to landlords who are willing to rent to someone with criminal, credit or rental history barriers in their background.

When a landlord rents to a Beyond Backgrounds participant, they have access to up to $2,000 of free insurance in the following circumstances:

  • Damage to the unit beyond what the security deposit covers.
  • Unpaid rent at the end of the lease term beyond what is covered by the security deposit.
  • Court filing fees if an eviction is pursued beyond what is covered by the security deposit.
  • Other unfortunate circumstances beyond what is covered by the security deposit.

If you select Beyond Backgrounds, you will be given the option of delaying when your listing appears in the search tool, giving caseworkers a chance to find and present a potential renter to you for your unit. Any delay is completely optional, and if none is indicated, the listing will appear in the search on the advertise date indicated.

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