Scam and Fraud Prevention

Written By Penny C (Administrator)

Updated at March 20th, 2021

Scam listings are a persistent problem for HousingLink and all listing services. To combat this, we are asking landlords to provide proof of your authority to advertise your listing. You only need to do this once per property. 

Before your listing can be approved, you’ll need to upload a copy of either your management contract or your property tax statement. We may contact you as part of that verification. Once we have reviewed your documents, we will approve any pending listings for your property, and future listings will be eligible again for automatic approval.

Note: These documents are used internally by HousingLink staff only. They are never shared publicly. The only information shared publicly is that which appears on your listings through the Housing Search application.


  • Existing listings will remain open and can be extended. New activity, a new property or a new listing, will trigger HousingLink to verify your authority.
  • Listings provided to us through a listing feed service, like RentCafe' or Entrata, are automatically approved.

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